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110 minutes / 5 Actors

Disinformation campaigns, arguably the most virulent threat to American democracy, are at the heart of Belly of the Beast. If campaign executives Justin and Alex have their way, psychographic profiling, micro-targeting, deep fakes, and sock puppets will determine the outcome of the election, replacing so-called reality with the political equivalent of reality TV. However, as Washington insiders, they are caught in the crosshairs of their own machinations, poisoning the well of what is left of their personal lives. Election night is on the horizon, a potential nightmare scenario that looms large in the collective imagination of a country at war with itself. Will democracy survive the digital age?

Production History

  • Virtual Presentation of BELLY OF THE BEAST - November 2020

    • Directed by Lisa Rothe

    • Cast: Daniel Dae Kim, Joel de la Fuente, Carrie Preston, Antonia Thomas & Tamlyn Tomita

    • Presented by 3AD, TodayTix & New York Theatre Workshop

    • Click here for more info


Contact me for a copy of the script

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