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Margaret Vandenburg

Novelist. Playwright. Essayist. 

Announcing CRAZE

Release Date: August 2024  

Jaded Ibis Press

Fresh off the boat from Roaring Twenties Paris, Henrietta “Henri” Adams lands in New York in the midst of the Queer Craze that is taking the city by storm. An art critic by day and lady lover by night, she ventures into the clandestine worlds of speakeasies and drag balls, which free her from the tyranny of the gender binary. Fun-loving slummers crash the party, flocking to see queer performers at the Astor Hotel and the Cotton Club. Broadway stars rub elbows with Harlem Renaissance luminaries at the Hamilton Lodge Masquerade Ball. But the revelry can’t last forever. Faced with Depression-era crackdowns, Henri calculates the risk of fighting back, prompting a decision with far-reaching consequences.  

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